Dining & Bar

Dining & Bar

In our restaurant with excellent cuisine, Etalon, we offer a varied selection of Hungarian and international specialties. Rich buffet breakfast is provided as a basic service, and for lunch and dinner we offer an a’la carte menu to our guests.


Steak tartare French style

Breaded marrow, St. Jacob shell, hollandaise, tarragon

Duck liver au torchon, coffee aromatized pear, waffle

Warm mushroom salad, gouda cheese, peanut

Smoked salmon, egg salad, black mayonnaise



Goulasch soup

Chicken soup

Caramelized celery velouté, cottage cheese with walnut, green apple

Main dishes

Mangalica sirloin, dijon-mustard sauce, roasted potato, confit onions

Hungarian Veal „paprikas”, home made pasta, cucumber salad, sour cream

Duck breast, hungarian potato pasta, purple cabbage, dried plum jus

Breaded pork loin, mashed potato, heart lettuce with vinegar

Salmon, cauliflower cream, carrot with orange

Rib-eye steak, truffle sauce, pom de terre

Duck leg, egg barley with cabbage, apple with ginger

Chicken supreme, ceasar salad

Beef cheeks, mushroom with red wine, parshnip puree





Chocolate cake with orange

Cottage cheese dumpling, peach sauce

Vanilla Eckler bun, pistachio cream

Hungarian poppy seed bread, mascarpone, pumpkin seed oil

Créme Brulée, mango

Cheese plate